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Profile of a Graduate

The profile of the graduate is the Harvest standard that identifies the set of features, qualities, and characteristics of a leader who has successfully completed the Harvest experience. The Harvest experience is a rigorous set of Kingdomcentric preparations designed to develop the leader in two critical areas: the skill of the mind and the expertise of the hand. Of the mind, a spiritual atmosphere designed to develop and fortify the thoughts internally that manifest in leadership externally while still maintaining an individual’s distinction. Of the hand, an environment linking academic, technical, and employability skills. This multi-pronged approach prepares our future leaders for career and or college upon competition of the Harvest experience.

The term Kingdomcentric is a construct of three words: king, domain, and center. It is a term that communicates a worldview with Jesus at the center of whatever environment or cosmos a Kingdomcentric leader leads.

The profile is not our starting point but the journey’s endpoint, the Harvest experience. The Harvest experience is the journey a future leader and their family will participate in to develop a specific type of leader, a Kingdomcentric leader.

The profile used as our guide to developing tomorrow’s leader today consists of a set of five principles.