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Elementary School

Elementary School 
Grades 1st - 5th

Your child's future academic success depends upon a solid foundation. Harvest Christian Academy is equipped to provide a learning program with proven academic results. HCA's educational program is designed so that the average student achieves above-average excellence. The instructional program for Grades 1-5 continues the educational foundation which was begun on the kindergarten level. HCA's outstanding reading program has a strong, systematic phonetic approach. It builds independent, confident reading. By the third grade, students can read basically any material chosen. Even lower ability students learn to read successfully. 

Students in the Elementary program are in the beginning and most formative stages of their education.  Students will gain valuable knowledge to help increase their academic and spiritual awareness. Teachers use various techniques to enhance the different the learning styles of the HCA student.

Class size: 15 students to 1 teacher

General Classes:

Bible Grammar Math  Handwriting (Manuscript and Cursive)
Spelling Phonics  Writing  







Computer Foreign Language