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HCA recognizes the diversity of learning styles, educational levels, and personal interests of our students. Skill groups, hands-on activities, performing arts, and recreational opportunities give children an environment which stimulates learning.

In our commitment to educate a generation, it is imperative that we keep biblical truth at the center of all knowledge. 

HCA currently used The Abeka curriculum for all K5- 6th grade.  The Abeka program has proven to be a blend of excellence in academics and is built on Biblical truth. Statistics show that every student that has been taught under this program has excelled above students of the same age and grade in the public schools. This curriculum is phonics based which is essential for reading and sounding out words. It also introduces the art of cursive writing in preschool. Lastly, every textbook has been written from a Christian perspective.

The Upper School uses a variety of curriculum including Abeka and Bob Jones Press.

We encourage and expect every child to work to their maximum potential. Philippians 4:13 says that “we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”, and we live and walk by the Word of God.


Preparing Students for Success in Life!